nah, baca sampai habis

“Sometimes I can’t tell if our relationship is just really mature now or if we are so used to each other and its routine. we’ve been going out longer than people go out, get married, and even divorced. from the bottom of my heart, I love you and I know no one will ever love you like I do.and vice versa. I truly believe we can be one one of the rare couples that stay together forever. We know everything about each other. Everything. I will admit, sometimes I worry. I didn’t use to worry at all. I thought it would be easy for us because we do go to the same college and we are never apart. But I’ve been learning about myself so much these past few months. I find guys attractive now, and I never did that for 3 and a half years. and so it scared me that something was changing in the way I felt. Two nights ago I told you I wasn’t in love with you anymore. I say the most hurtful things to you when we fight. and I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings. This is something boys need to understand. Girls want to feel special. Even if we know you love us, every once in awhile we need excitement or something to remind us of how our love started. I felt so trapped that I was seeking it in other people and that got me worried too. Every once in awhile. Not like buying me things spontaneously. It’s the little things that matter. How you used to write me notes randomly. How I make your eggs heart-shaped. Those stupid little gestures…thats what keeps a girl like me happy. We are still young. And people say I should date other people just to see what else is out there because youre all I’ve ever known. But I honestly feel like I’m just incredibly lucky that I found my soul mate so early. In the future, we might not be together. But as for right now, I want to be with you. I don’t want to ruin this. You are the most caring, supportive, kind person in my entire life. No one will ever take care of me like you do. It’s like we are married already. and that may scare some people. But I don’t think I’m missing out on anything in life. Cause there are people out there that will never have what we have. 

sayang,this is for you and iloveyou.